best tasting plant protein powder with wholefood vitamins, probiotics, superfood, botanicals, natural muscle recovery plant extracts.





NO Xanthan gum or artificial fillers

Soy Free

Gluten Free

Heavy metal tested

Vegan protein powder with curcumin, adaptogens -ashwagandha, vegan omega 3, montmorency tart cherry and greens, London, United Kingdom


Taking a holistic approach to sport performance and overall health we developed nutrient packed plant protein powders with uniquely formulated vitamin & mineral blend to nourish your body and make you feel stronger. It's a complete protein with 5g BCAA, probiotics - 5 billion CFU, vegan omega 3, adaptogens and superfood. 

FLOWell provides researched backed protein blends with significant amounts of active ingredients to make positive change in your training, post workout recovery and well-being. 

The base of each of our blends are 5 core groups with different active ingredients.

We want to make sure you know what you are getting as not only the form of the ingredients matters but also the amount per serving.




Functional Plant Protein

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Next generation of protein shakes

  • Rich distinctive flavour
  • Soft creamy texture
  • No mylk required
  • Just mix it with water!

Unlock your potential and perform at your best


Recover: more than just protein

Our signature Repair Blend was created to reduce post workout muscle soreness, oxidative stress, cortisol levels and provide your body with complete protein and all the nutrients for faster recovery including bespoke vitamin & mineral formula, probiotics, adaptogens, superfood plant extracts and digestive enzymes.

plant protein powder vitamins and minera

All in One:

Vitamins & Minerals

All in One is to upgrade your daily nutrition and provide complete protein with a bunch of micronutrients. You don’t have to choose anymore between protein shake, superfood powders or vitamin supplement. All in One blend will provide everything your muscles need to feel and perform at your best


Build & Maintain:

plant power

It’s our basic blend with highest protein content per serving enhanced with superfood extracts including whole food vitamin C from Camu Camu fruit, ginger baobab, moringa leaf extract and digestive enzymes.






  • Pea & Brown rice protein

  • Vegan BCAA


  • Moringa Leaf Extract 20:1

  • Baobab Fruit Extract 20:1





  • Camu Camu  Fruit Extract -     20 % Vitamin C

  • Ginger Extract 20:1


  • Check each of our blends



  • Bromelain & Papain

  • Flax Seed Fibre

  • Black Pepper Extract



We carefully selected only highly concentrated superfood extracts and botanicals with active ingredients so you can get the most out of each serving. Some ingredients like curcumin or ashwagandha have been added in the significant dosage that was scientifically proven to have a positive effect on your body.


 Certain minerals compete for absorption with other micro nutrients  and some of them shouldn’t be really supplemented if you don’t suffer from any particular condition. That’s why we developed our own blend of Vitamins & Minerals, selecting the best absorbable forms available on the market that work synergistically to provide maximum benefits.

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Your health starts in your gut, also your performance depends on your gut health. We have developed a blend of 3 researched backed types of probiotics, also well known among athletes to support immune system functions and gut flora.


Nourish your body,  fuel your muscles - Holistic Health, Sport Nutrition

Why FLOWell protein powder ?

Everything your muscles need and a bit more

  • Delicious taste & creamy texture - just with water!

  • No Xanthan Gum and artificial fillers

  • Complete protein with digestive enzymes 

  • Antioxidant rich to neutralise free radicals 

  • Anti-inflammatory to support muscle repair

  • High in fibre

  • Enhanced with superfood and botanicals

  • Uniquely formulated Vitamin & Mineral Blend to reduce fatigue, improve energy and  support bone health* 

  • Helps to reduce cortisol level after workout**

  • Added Probiotics to support gut health*

  • Added Omega 3 to support brain functions and mental health*

*Recover and All in One Blend

**Recover Blend

Save and replace all your protein, multivitamin

and superfood supplements with FLOWell! 


Train hard,  eat smart, live right

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We make our best effort to make sure we source our ingredients from reliable and certified suppliers. Our products are manufactured in the UK, in ISO9001 registered facility.



We are here to make your nutrition simple - not sure which blend to choose or have some questions? Just drop us an email or use the chat box and we are happy to help as soon as possible! Usually we respond within 24h.



We want to share the knowledge with you about nutrition and how the body works, why we need certain nutrients and how you can improve your health,  performance or lose weight so you can make aware decisions about what is best for you.

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Apart from standard lab tests we also test our products for heavy metals to make sure you are getting clean and quality plant protein.


 Building lean muscles is not only   about getting right amount of   protein 

  Improving your performance is  

not only about training but also nutrition. 

 Body science and nutrition are complex and we want to make it simple for you. That's why we developed FLOWell 

Holistic approach to sport nutrition and well-being

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