• FLOWell's mission is to create premium protein blends in affordable price that will upgrade your daily nutrition and help you improve your performance and well-being

  • Our brand is not only about product but also about sharing knowledge on sport nutrition and holistic health to help reach your goals, get stronger, fitter and healthier.

Your mindset, physical activity and education are all elements of ‘training’ that we should constantly work on to get more out of life.

  • FLOWell is also life philosophy, to be grateful, kind with yourself, people and the planet, to enjoy little moments, not the things, to find a balance and peace, to not resist or force anything, to go with the flow (yes the name was not a coincidence:) ) and to believe in yourself and in opportunities that universe is giving to you. FLOWell's mission is to spread good energy and inspire others

  • As we also care about our planet, we are looking to replace current packaging with recyclable stand up pouches

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We make our best effort to make sure we source our ingredients from reliable and certified suppliers. Our products are manufactured in the UK, in ISO9001 registered facility.



We are here to make your nutrition simple - not sure which blend to choose or have some questions? Just drop us an email or use the chat box and we are happy to help as soon as possible! Usually we respond within 24h.



We want to share the knowledge with you about nutrition and how the body works, why we need certain nutrients and how you can improve your health,  performance or lose weight so you can make aware decisions about what is best for your.

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Apart from standard lab tests we also test our products for heavy metals to make sure you are getting clean and quality plant protein.