The answer was Flow, the question was how to train more and recover faster

My name is Sandra and I'm the founder of FLOWell. I was always a bit competitive and I liked testing my own limits.

Everything began when I started calisthenics and breakdance, training 5-6 times per week striving for progress and as I'm a bit impatient I wanted to progress fast. Once I reached my goals I was setting myself new challenges.

With a busy work, life and study schedule I knew I needed to take care of my body and my nutrition properly. I was always eating well and healthy but also I felt I needed something more to keep my body strong and my mind happy. As I would never go for any non-natural performance boosters or typical gym supplements that are usually packed with lots of chemicals, I started looking for other solutions.

As I was interested in holistic health for a long time I decided to do a Naturopathic Nutrition degree to find out more how the body works and how we can use food to improve performance. I started to  prepare powder blends including i.a. nutrient rich superfood, Vitamin C, adaptogens and curcumin to  reduce my muscle soreness and help my body to repair faster. I was adding powders to my protein shakes and morning porridge. I was really happy I found something that really works and brings desired results. I never complained about my energy levels but I noticed I could keep going for longer and saw constant progression with my strength and stamina. At the same time I was looking for some product on the market that will both provide complete protein and all the micronutrients as buying all superfood powders separately cost a fortune.

I decided  to create a blend that will tick off all the boxes and taste delicious just with water, no mylk needed. The blend that will be suitable for both men and women and use powerful plants to enhance performance, boost muscle recovery and maintain overall health, when ingested regularly, it will supplement the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals  that we often lose during training and our day-to-day lives.

Sounds like elixir of the Gods but simply I didn’t want to go for typical bodybuilding or slimming supplements as having aesthetic body looks nice but having well nourished body looks good and feels good

 I truly believe that natural unprocessed products and nutrient rich diet can support your digestive health which is the foundation of our overall strength and well-being. Our body is fuelled and thrives better on clean, nutrient dense food.