Build & Maintain is our basic blend with added vegan BCAA, superfood and digestive enzymes, it's a great choice when you want to boost your daily protein intake and build lean muscles. Add it to your breakfast pancakes, smoothie bowl, use it in baking or simply as a post workout shake. We carefully selected only highly concentrated plant extracts so you can get most out of each serving of this flavoursome nutrient rich shake.


  • Delicious taste and creamy texture - just with water!
  • No Xanthan gum or artificial fillers
  • Heavy metal tested
  • Gluten, soy and lactose free
  • 100% Vegan



  • 25g plant protein
  • 5g BCAA


Plant extracts:

  • 360 mg of Camu Camu fruit extract - 20% wholefood Vitamin C
  • Ginger extract 20:1
  • Moringa leaf extract 20:1
  • Baobab fruit extract 20:1



  • Flax seed fibre
  • Bromelain & Papain



    *per 36g serving (Vanilla - Coconut flavour)

    Build & Maintain: plant power

    • Plant based protein powder made of high quality pea and brown rice protein with added superfood plant extracts and digestive enzymes to boost your daily protein intake and build lean muscles. Check ingredient info section to find out more.

      Made to taste delicious just with water!