We developed incredibly good tasting, nutrient packed plant protein powders with full amino acid profile and vegan BCAA in optimal 2:1:1 ratio. Apart from complete protein each blend includes natural digestive enzymes and active ingredients with anti - inflammatory and antioxidant properties. 

Our uniquely formulated vitamin & mineral blend was developed to reduce fatigue, improve energy,  support bone health and immune functions.


We carefully selected only 3 types of probiotics known among athletes to support gut flora and performance.

Recover blend has been additionally enhanced with 500mg of Curcumin and 300mg of Montmorency tart cherry extract 50:1 to improve post workout muscle repair and 250mg of Ashwagandha to lower stress hormone - cortisol as its elevated levels inhibit muscle building and weight loss.

Depending on your lifestyle and your goals choose the blend that works best for you!


plant protein powder post workout recove

Recover: more than just protein

Our signature Repair Blend was created to reduce post workout muscle soreness, oxidative stress, cortisol levels and provide your body with complete protein and all the nutrients for faster recovery including bespoke vitamin & mineral formula, probiotics, adaptogens, superfood plant extracts and digestive enzymes.

plant protein powder vitamins and minera

All in One:

Vitamins & Minerals

All in One is to upgrade your daily nutrition and provide complete protein with a bunch of micronutrients. You don’t have to choose anymore between protein shake, superfood powders or vitamin supplement. All in One blend will provide everything your muscles need to feel and perform at your best

plant protein powder with BCAA superfood

Build & Maintain:

plant power

It’s our basic blend with highest protein content per serving enhanced with superfood extracts including whole food vitamin C from Camu Camu fruit, ginger baobab, moringa leaf extract and digestive enzymes.